Hua Tian Long

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.

Operator:Guangzhou Salvage
Builder:Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.
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Year of build:2007.03 upgraded in 2017.11 
Design:MARIC (Marine Design & Research Institute of China) 
Gross tonnage:40792 
Deck area:3600 
Variable Load:10t/m2 
Max water depth:8-300m (operation water depth) 
Crane type:One full revolving crane with one main hook and two auxiliary hooks 
Max lifting capacity:4000t @40m radius@95m above water for main hook; 800t @ 68.9m radius@111m above water for auxiliary 1# hook; 160t @109.5m radius@123m above water for auxiliary 2# hook 
Accommodation details:304 Persons (Single Berth & suites: 37 / Double Berth: 24 / Three Persons Berth: 1/ Four Persons Berth: 54; All cabins fully air-conditioned, comply with ILO 92, IMO Resolution A468(XII)) 
Helideck:Maximum allowable mass: 11.0 tons; Diameter: 22.3m (CAP437 Certificate Satisfy for Sirkosky S61\\\\ Euro copter EC255 and Other Helicopter Equivalent) 
Service speed:8.5 Knots